Prayer time Somerton, VIC-3062

Prayer time for Somerton in VIC-3062. The Sallat timings are according to the Hanafi Madhab. There are differing opinions on what angle to be used for calculating Fajr and Isha. Our calculation according to Muslim World League convention. Prayer time based on Somerton, VIC-3062 Geo location Latitude = -37.64000 & Longitude = 144.94000.

7 day Prayer time calendar for Somerton, VIC-3062

Dec 1104:2105:5213:1317:0620:3422:05
Dec 1204:2105:5213:1417:0720:3522:06
Dec 1304:2105:5213:1417:0720:3622:07
Dec 1404:2105:5213:1517:0820:3722:08
Dec 1504:2105:5313:1517:0920:3722:09
Dec 1604:2205:5313:1617:0920:3822:10
Dec 1704:2205:5313:1617:1020:3922:10
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