Southport - GCYC southport community centre

Southport, QLD
Prayer room


GCYC is a non for profit, community based organization, which caters to the fast growing multi-cultural community on the Gold Coast, we are an out-reach centre concentrating on the youth, giving them a place where they can safely benefit and relax, offering homeless runs, providing our homeless with the mere basic needs, canned foods, blankets, our main aim is to serve the needs of the local community. To bridge the Gap and present Islam for what it realy is, Compassion, Spirituality and Peace. A change today towards the positive and better tomorrow.

We plan to have an operational youth centre, in the central Gold Coast area, from which we would offer the youth a place where they feel welcome, where we could offer lessons, offer a place for people to come to pray and relax.

These services include:

  • Marriage Counselling
  • People & Relationships
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Trauma, Drug or Alcohol abuse and depression
  • Spiritual guidance

All are welcome to attend and experience the serenity during our Friday prayers and the Motivational Talks Wednesday Nights

1:10pm Jumuah Salaah


  • Car park
  • Street parking
  • Marriage services


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